Agra: Distraught teen couple from different religion commits suicide

A young couple in their teens from Maharashtra had killed themselves by bringing them in front of a fast moving train in city of Taj Mahal. The deceased were native of Sangli district in Maharashtra, and both Zakir Dilawar and Ayodhya Patil were studying in XII class.

Police providing details of the deceased girl Patil claimed her to be the daughter of influential political leader Dinkar Patil of Shiv Sena. She was in relationship with Zakir, who belonged to a different community. The couples were under relentless pressure and fear that their families would never allow the relationship as they belong to different poles of the social life.

 “The boy and girl left their place on 23rd September. Their parents lodged a complaint at the nearby police station about their missing. Hours before the suicide, both visited Taj Mahal”, said the Agra police.

The bypassing people along the railway tracks called the police and in turn police traced the address of the family and informed them about the tragic incident.

The lovers seem to have spent the moments before suicide at the wonder of world and taken snaps.

Investigating officers found a “suicide note” drafted in Marathi language. The recovered bodies have been sent for an autopsy by the police.

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