60-feet-long ‘pulses snake’ worshipped as part of Aadi festival

Devotees worshipped 60-feet-long Ragu Kethu snake made of 800 kilograms of pulses as part of Aadi festival.

The 60-feet-long snake has been designed using nine different pulses. Temple priests said that the reason for using pulses is to bring prosperity and good rainfall. The nine kinds of grains proper to be presented with burnt offerings are wheat, paddy , red gram, pulse ,Bengal grain, beans, sesamum, black grain and gram.

The Hindu mythology claims that Rahu and Ketu control over one’s courage, action, sorrow, valour, sin and provide for mental troubles and worries in current life depending on one’s own past karmas in their past lives. Rahu governs over the head portions, while Ketu governs over one’s ears, speech and hearing etc.

Unmarried girls believe worshipping Raghu Kethu would get them married soon.

Aadi the Tamil month is an auspicious month for Hindu rituals, in Coimbatore as a part of Aadi festival in Magaliamman Temple. Aadi festival is special for various ammans. It is celebrated in a special way in amman temples.

Aadi is a month of fervour and observances in Amman temples, where prayers and poojas are offered to propitiate the powerful goddesses and seek their protection from the inauspicious aspects that are often associated with the month.

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