3D printing pen lets you draw in mid air

Long ago, imaging of printing something in 3D seems like an illusion or a scientific fiction. In the past 10 years, 3D printers have become reality and its usage to create wide range of things from medical devices to decorative baubles to robot parts.

However it came with its own limitations, the use a 3D printer one should be well versed with design knowledge and hands-on-experience in using the technical software.

But now, a company named 3Doodler is able to transform the standard 3D printer into a handy pen, which enables the people to illustrate 3D creations without restraint in the air free from the requirement of software and a computer.

The 3Doodler Pro is targeted to be used by designers, architects and engineers, who may utilize it for creating concept designs, prototyping, and testing the 3D ideas.

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