29,465 Kg Laddu set the record of World’s Largest

A famous and years old establishment engaged in making traditional sweet of Andhra has registered its name in Guinness book. The entity “Sri Bhaktanjaneya Suruchi Foods” based in East Godavari village of Tapeswaram created “Laddu” said to be the largest in the world.

On the festive occasion of the Lord Ganesha Chaturthi, the 29,465 kilogram  laddu was dedicated to the lord. The cost of the sweet is said be around Rs 50 Lacs and involved diligent efforts of 20 people.

The giant laddu was transported to Visakhapatnam. There it was offered to Lord Ganesha by the members of a people welfare association.

The proprietor of the firm Mr. Mallikarjun Rao briefed the media about the ingredients of the record making sweet dish. It comprises of 23% besan, 5% dry fruits and 27% ghee along with 45% sugar for sweetening.

The sweet will be distributed to visiting devotees during the Ganesh festival.

The record was created by the firm for the fifth time, the earlier record was set by a 11,115 kilogram laddu made by Ambaji based Devasthan Trust of Gujarat.

The Tapeswaram based sweet firm is the introducer of mouth watering Andhra sweet dish named “Tapeswaram Khaja”. The sweet has placed the small village in the Indian map to become famous.

No one forget to buy a kilo or two of “Khaja” to be tasted by his family and friends on visiting the village.

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