Career Prospectus of Graphologist

April 30, 2016 wpuser1 0 Graphology is the art and science of analyzing handwriting to identify, evaluate and understand a person’s personality. There are several aspects of analyzing handwriting such as general style of [More…]

Worsening depression may lead to dementia

April 30, 2016 wpuser1 0 According to a recent research, depression symptoms that steadily increase over time in older age could predict higher dementia risk. The study included 3325 adults aged 55 and over, [More…]

Feroz Khan Clint Eastwood Of The East

April 30, 2016 wpuser1 0 Bollywood most stylish actor Feroz Khan was Inspired by Hollywood’s actor Clint Eastwood and later called Him Clint Eastwood of the East.

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