20-ft python dies after swallowing blue bull in Gujarat

Trying to intake more than its capacity has caused life of 20 feet long python, the incident happened in Gujarat’s Junagadh district.

The python lost its life after swallowing a blue bull (‘nilgai’) at a village adjacent to Gir wildlife sanctuary, the forest department official of Gujarat said.

The residents of village saw a python laid down on side of the road; its belly is found to be in a bulged state beyond the normal size. The reptile was found to be facing difficulty to digest its prey that it has swallowed.

Forest official were informed by the villagers for further proceedings. The forest officials reached the place to contemplate the situation and examine the condition of the python.

“It found to be died due to the internal injuries incurred by swallowing of ‘nilgai’. caused by the (swallowing of) blue bull,” Forest officer R Senthilkumaran said.

Pythons use to swallow the animal it captures as a whole; the process of digesting the prey takes place over a time period, at times in few days or even week. Python is known for capturing its prey bigger in size.

It is the nature of the creation to stay unfed for several weeks and sometimes for months.

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